About Us

The Millman Harris Romano Foundation was established in 2001 to honor the memories of three men committed to the health, mind and spirit of their communities. Samuel K. Millman, James R. Harris and Salvatore Romano were dedicated to “giving back” to the communities which had been so instrumental to their lives and those of their neighbors, friends and families. Further, they believed that all citizens should have the opportunity to participate and advance in personal and community issues such as education, cultural enrichment and health.

Our Mission Statement

Like these individuals, the Foundation is a community focused organization dedicated to building visionary partnerships, stewardship of grants, funds to enhance the quality of life in the Community and being a catalyst for positive change in the community through the support of the Arts, Education, and Human Services. By establishing an organization whose mission could be supported long-term, the Foundation ensures continuity of civic endowment and their memories.

Board of Directors
Jode Susan Millman – Board Chair
Michael J. Harris – Trustee
Ellin B. Millman – Trustee
Wendy M. Berger, Esq. – Trustee